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  • Germany
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Dr. Thomas Becker, Founder & CEO

About PhaToCon

PhaToCon (Pharm/Tox Concept) provides practice-proven consulting and management services in all questions of regulatory affairs and quality management. Product safety and risk assessment in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors are aspects that are already of lasting importance in R&D. To ensure the validity and traceability of data, processes and decisions in the field of “Life Sciences”, specific industrial and regulatory quality management systems (GxP, ISO etc.) and guidelines (OECD, ICH etc.) are used. We support our clients individually and supplement both their resources and competencies quickly and flexibly. With our “hands-on” mentality we practice practical quality management from a scientific point of view. The thematic focuses and core competencies are pharmacology and toxicology in R&D, toxicological assessments and preclinical development.

What is your motivation?

In order to make forward-looking decisions, scientific facts and data which are comprehensible in their generation and interpretation are needed. Quality in terms of safety and efficacy is the central requirement for life science products, whose foundations are already set in the research and development of innovative products. The scientific disciplines of pharmacology and toxicology applied for this purpose are indispensable, the earlier in the development process the better and more sustainable. “Dosis facit venenum (Paracelsus)” is a decisive indication of the complexity of pharmacological and toxicological evaluations of active ingredients, as well as of impurities or degradation products. What are these substances that dissolve out of a product during use? These evaluations, based on understanding and experience are our tasks and far too important to be left to any process. It takes heads, and that is us!

“So that future emerges from innovation and quality, infrastructures such as those available at the IZB are required.”

Dr. Thomas Becker, Founder & CEO