A leading global technology location

The company Fördergesellschaft IZB mbH, founded in 1995, is the operating company of the ­Innovation and Start-Up Centers for Biotechnology in Planegg-Martinsried and Freising-Weihenstephan, and has developed into one of the top ten renowned biotechnology centers in the world. Approximately 50 biotech companies with more than 700 employees are currently located over an area covering 26,000 m2. Here, work focuses on developing drugs against the most severe diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer‘s disease and various autoimmune diseases—and there are already many successes.

Proximity to top research

An important criterion for the success of the IZBs is the proximity to the universities and research institutions. The Martinsried science campus is now one of the largest centers in Europe, where basic scientific research, teaching, clinical research and technology innovation are brought together on one campus. There are two Max Planck Institutes, ten departments of the Ludwig Maximilian University, the Großhadern Clinic and the Helmholtz Center on the Martinsried Campus.

One of the leading technology locations in the world

“Biotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. 60 percent of the new generation of medicines come from the field of biotechnology. Two-thirds of the biotech companies in Germany are located in Bavaria. This sector dominated by innovation has created many new jobs. The goal of the Bavarian State Government is to maintain and also continue to expand this economic factor. This is why the Federal State of Bavaria offers excellent conditions for the development of new drugs, ­therapies and services at the Innovation and Start-up Center Biotechnology (IZB), located in Martinsried and Weihenstephan near Munich.”

Yours Hubert Aiwanger Bavarian Minister of State for Economics, Regional Development and Energy Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria