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Dr. Michael Miller - Geschäftsführer kmbs

Dr. Michael Miller
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

About kmbs

kmbs was founded in 2004 by the two biologists Dr. Thomas Knebelsberger and Dr. Michael Miller. The beginnings were in the DNA laboratory of the Munich State Collection of Zoology, in close connection with the collections housed there, during the time of Sanger Sequencing. Initially, the focus was on scientific questions, but soon inquiries from environmental protection and species conservation, stock management and breeding selection, as well as from the industry for research into the causes of animal contamination, came in. In the meantime, human genetic investigations were also part of the portfolio. DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing and database comparisons were and still are the daily business. Today, the company is managed by Dr. Michael Miller and is developing into a reliable partner for field work involving living organisms.

What is your motivation?

The universality of the genetic code has fascinated me for a long time. Coming from zoology and researching in the time when the precursors of DNA barcodes were developed, the idea arose to use genetic signature sequences not only in science to assign animal samples to a biological species and to uncover their relationships, but also to bring this technique to commercial application. For example, until now it has been time-consuming to find out the exact strain in potato cyst nematodes through sowing experiments and microscopic analysis of the cysts. Using a molecular method, we were able to shorten the process to a few days. Our motivation was to use molecular methods to provide a new quality of organism determination to serve in biodiversity research, pest control and law enforcement.

„I am very grateful to the IZB that we, as service providers in the niche sector, have also been given a place to develop – in an inspiring working environment.”

Dr. Michael Miller
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

Kmbs is a service provider for genetic analyses from DNA extraction to sequencing. With a focus on zoological samples and a broad portfolio of DNA extraction methods, we detect animal traces in different substrates and assign them to a species. For scientific purposes we calculate relationship analyses and phylogenetic trees, also from museum collection material.

In the field, we compile species inventories or look for specific species and take over the recovery and resettlement, also by means of electro-fishing.

Kmbs was founded in 2004 in Munich at the State Zoological Collection and has a laboratory at the IZB Freising-Weihenstephan.