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Dr. Alexander Gebauer, Co-founder and Executive Chairman

About Galimedix Therapeutics

Galimedix is a Phase 2 clinical-stage private company developing novel oral and topical neuroprotective therapies with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of serious eye and brain diseases. Founded by a seasoned and highly dedicated team of experts, Galimedix’s groundbreaking small molecules offer the hope of changing the course of disease where amyloid beta (Aβ) plays a role, such as in dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease – Galimedix’s initial areas of focus. Compelling pre-clinical data support the potential of Galimedix’s product candidates to slow or stop neurodegeneration and also restore lost neuronal function. A Phase 2 proof-of-concept study in dry AMD with lead program, topical GAL-101, is in preparation with strong support from partner, Théa Open Innovation (TOI). Clinical studies in other indications are planned. Galimedix’s success was facilitated by seed funding from InFocus Capital Partners and Rimonci Capital, two VC investors highly specialized in vision science technologies.

What is your motivation?

At Galimedix, we aim to stop neurodegeneration at its source and develop game-changing neuroprotective therapies for the treatment of serious eye and brain diseases impacting millions of people.

Normal amyloid beta (Aβ) monomers are important to neuronal function, but misfolding of these monomers can lead to the development of toxic forms of Aβ – oligomers and protofibrils – that can be highly damaging to the retina and brain cells, and, according to a large number of studies, the underlying cause of neurodegenerative diseases of the eye, such as dry age-related macular degeneration (dAMD), glaucoma. Recent approvals and Phase 3 results of anti-Aβ drugs also have validated them as a key target in Alzheimer’s disease.

To tackle this, we are developing orally and topically administered small molecules that target the beginning of the Aβ peptide aggregation cascade and, prevent the formation of the toxic species. GAL-101/201 have a unique mode of action, through which they only remove already formed toxic species, potentially impacting disease progression without disturbing normal neuronal function.

“We are thrilled to move into the IZB in Munich. Stepping into one of Europe’s most vibrant life science hubs, will enable us access to world-class scientists and thriving biotech companies, a perfect environment to move Galimedix into its next stage of development.”

Dr. Alexander Gebauer, Co-founder and Executive Chairman