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Dr. Peter Frost, CEO

About Frost Lifescience

We at FROST LIFESCIENCE make your Life Science Business a Success Story from the early beginning. It is market experience combined with scientific excellence and a 100 % focus on success. You get what you need from general marketing (CI, web design, print material) to sales and business development. We have more than 10 years experience in marketing & sales of Life Science Products (Primary Cells, Stem Cells, Disease Cells, Cell Sourcing, in vitro cell-systems (3D cell culture models, angiogenesis, skin, BBB, lung, spheroids and media) and Service Solutions (Hematotox, Immuno Oncology, 3D Cell Culture Development, in vitro Test Services) in Europe and the USA.

What is your motivation?

Success is what drives me. The success of my customers. I am thrilled, when the business of my customers is growing, we are harvesting the fruits of our hard work and it turns out that we made right choices, sometimes even hard decisions. I have been doing this now for over ten years, always exciting. This can be a bumpy road, but we are in this together. Market and customer are in the center of my discussions. Products and solutions have to be developed for customers and have to fulfill their needs. My customer centric market approach, resilience and persistence are my secret key ingredients. I am fascinated by the American start-up culture. That’s why I’ve been involved in expanding the business of e.g. Sirion Biotech and InSphero in the US, I also advise US companies on the development of the European market. Many products are now sold by my second company PELOBiotech, a leading cell and media specialist. To turn dreams into success, what more do I need?

“The IZB is a great environment for our business. I like very much the IZB events which help a lot to increase our network and business.”

Dr. Peter Frost, CEO