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Dr. Ullamnn, Evotec

Dr. Dirk Ullmann
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

About Evotec

Evotec is a leading player in the drug discovery and development field. We operate worldwide providing the highest quality stand-alone and integrated drug discovery solutions, covering all activities from target-to-clinic. The company’s headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany with 13 further operational sites in Europe and the USA and more than 3,100 employees worldwide. Evotec (München) GmbH is the company’s center of excellence for proteomics, biomarker and metabolomics services. This branch of the company emerged from the purchase of the IZB start-up KINAXO Biotechnologies GmbH. EVT Execute represents Evotec’s core discovery and development alliance businesses built on a systematic, unbiased and comprehensive innovation infrastructure. The EVT Innovate segment focuses on investing and developing Evotec proprietary assets including early-stage discovery programmes as well as more advanced drug candidates.

What is your motivation?

As a leader of the Drug Discovery Services unit at Evotec I am passioned providing a comprehensive suite of integrated and stand-alone capabilities for drug discovery to solve problems, create inventive step and deliver success as quickly as possible for our partners through highest quality science, knowledge, technology and operational excellence. By serving customers around the globe with innovative drug discovery and development tools and expertise, Evotec has evolved into one of the global leaders in providing complete drug discovery and development solutions on a stand-alone basis, through holistic, fully integrated solutions and innovative platforms. As this is just the beginning in changing the industry I am proud being part of an organization which is driving this transition. Moreover, developing next generation talents taking responsibility and ownership for this trajectory is giving me a lot of satisfaction in my daily life.

“The IZB has always been a perfect place for Evotec to continuously develop its world-leading capabilities in high-end MS-based proteomics.”

Dr. Dirk Ullmann
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

Chemical proteomics and phosphoproteomics applications

Evotec Munich is an affiliate of Evotec AG and based in Munich/Martinsried, Germany.

Evotec Munich is a service company specializing in chemical proteomics and quantitative phosphoproteomics methods to support the successful development of small molecule drugs.

Evotec Munich delivers a comprehensive analysis of a compound‘s mode of action in a cell. This significantly supports decision making at various stages of the drug discovery process, such as lead optimization or clinical trial candidate selection, reduces development times and predicts a drug‘s therapeutic outcome.