• EpiQMAx GmbH
  • Am Klopferspitz 19
  • 82152 Planegg/Martinsried
  • Germany
  • Phone: +49 (0)89/21 53 57 30
  • Fax: +49 (0)89/218 071 601
  • moc.xamqipe@ofni

f.l.t.r.: Dr. Victor Solis, Managing Director;
Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert, Managing Director

About EpiQMAx

EpiQMAx is an innovative spin-off of the BioMedical Center in Munich. The company creates a unique and personalized health index based on epigenetic profiling. Together with renowned partners in the fields of sport and nutrition, the company generates an epigenetic database. In a second step, this database is translated into an index with the help of which people can be motivated for a healthy lifestyle through individual dietary and sports recommendations.

The underlying platform for this index combines the latest mass spectrometry technology for analyzing epigenetic marks with state-of-the-art AI for machine learning. This creates proprietary, hyper-personalized epigenetic biomarkers for health and lifestyle. The algorithms required and developed in-house for this were filed as a patent in December 2021.

What is your motivation?

We founded EpiQMAx GmbH in 2018 to translate deep-tech and epigenetic findings into real-world applications. Our main motivation is to decipher epigenetic changes caused by different environmental influences. Because we are convinced that epigenetics is a key to further development for personalized health. With this goal in mind, we want EpiQMAx to decipher concrete connections between sport, nutrition and epigenetics in the next four years, process them in a comprehensible way and offer the resulting health index on the market. To achieve this, we are driven daily by exciting processes, diverse tasks and agile cooperation with our partners. At the same time, EpiQMAx consists of an international and interdisciplinary team that rethinks the boundaries of technology on a daily basis. In this pioneering role, we generate products that enhance and sustainably influence the quality of life.

“With its strategic location on the Martinsried campus, the IZB offers an outstanding opportunity to found a company in the vicinity of science and industry.”

Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert
Managing Director

Dr. Victor Solis
Managing Director