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  • Germany
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Ulrich Scherbel, CEO

Ulrich Scherbel, CEO

About AMSilk

AMSilk GmbH is a spin-off of the Technische Universität München (TUM) and the world’s first industrial supplier of vegan silk biopolymers and has its headquarters in Planegg near Munich, Germany. AMSilk’s high-performance biopolymers have the unique functional properties of the natural
product they are based on. AMSilk offers its innovative range of high-performance Biosteel® fibers for textiles and industrial applications worldwide and has announced collaborations and partnerships with world leading brands like Adidas, Omega, Polytech Health & Aesthetics and Airbus. The organic high-performance material can be used in multiple ways, and is suited for medical devices as well as for personal care products. AMSilk’s high-performance biopolymers give such products unique properties. Among other things, the polymers are biocompatible, safe and robust.

What is your motivation?

Spider silk is a material with excellent properties, including being very robust and biodegradable at the end of the life cycle of the final product. An innovative product such as biotechnological produced silk also has the potential to replace established products and to change entire industries in the long term. Neither science nor the chemical industry succeeded in producing spider silk synthetically before. Prof. Thomas Scheibel, co-founder of AMSilk, developed a method to produce spider silk proteins with bacteria. AMSilk thus owns a technology that is able to play an important role in the transition of the established industry towards a resource-saving economy. The next goals are to obtain CE-mark for products coated with silk in the field of medical technology. In textile business interesting products are close to market introduction and will soon be available for the end customer.

“We have found a great opportunity to expand effectively from basic research to application at the top location in IZB. The short distances and personal relationships make working very comfortable. For many years now, we have been an integral part of the campus and we enjoy the interaction with the other companies.”

Ulrich Scherbel, CEO

AMSilk is a privately-held company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative cosmetic ingredients, novel applications and coatings for medical technology products as well as technical fibers on a worldwide basis.

Functional silk is biocompatible and can be used in various applications, for example in specialized coatings and other products in medical technology. Like most biopolymers, silk has evolved over millions of years resulting in a combination of properties that far exceed any man-made material. AMSilk has developed a proprietary process for producing this unique biopolymer and is the leader in the subsequent production and processing of the material