Start signal for the Vötting tunnel

Effective traffic relief and indispensable for Freising’s development


In order to relieve Freising of transit traffic, the city already incorporated a western bypass into its development plan in 1972. Since then traffic has increased enormously and the inner city road network has reached the limit of its capacity – at rush hours some routes are completely blocked. With the groundbreaking ceremony on May 7, 2015, the start signal for the construction of the West tangent has finally been made. Other milestones were the beginning of the tunnel work on December 5, 2016, as well as the official tunnel inspection that followed on May 22, 2017.
Not only do the inner city residents have the perspective of noticeable relief from traffic and additional quality of life, the gap between Thalhauser Strasse and the B 11 gives Freising the urgently needed space for growth and new construction areas. This also applies to the campus Weihenstephan, where the IZB Freising Weihenstephan covering an area of 3000 m² is located.
With an order volume of 38.8 million EUR, the new building is the largest single order ever signed by the Lord Mayor of Freising. 