New charging station for electric cars at IZB

Electromobility is a future-oriented topic for German industry. What’s more, electric vehicles can become an important component of the energy turnaround. The Innovation and Start-up Center also wants to make a contribution to this and is focusing on this new technology. Since October 2020 there are four charging stations for electric cars in the IZB. Directly opposite the main entrance on the parking lot there are now two charging points with 2 x 22 kW each. The station is compatible to all vehicles with type 2 connection. This station charges 9.5 times faster than a household socket. With one hour of charging at this station you get a range of about 150 km. The user identification is done with charging card or app. The charging stations are public, so you can “refuel” with various cards, such as “Charge now”.

Managing Director Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel tests the new charging station for electric cars at IZB.