Bicoll showcases at BIO International Convention

The start-up continues to advance projects in neuroscience/epilepsy and dermatology

„Unser Team entwickelt mit großer Leidenschaft hochinnovative Therapeutika für Haustiere, um die Lebensqualität unserer vierbeinigen Gefährten und ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer deutlich zu verbessern. Wir freuen uns, heute mit einem so erfahrenen Partner bei der Entwicklung von therapeutischen Antikörpern für Haustiere zusammenzuarbeiten, um die Innovation in der Tiergesundheit weiter voranzutreiben.“

Dr. Kathrin Ladetzki-Baehs
Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin, adivoG

What research projects is Bicoll currently advancing?
Bicoll showcases advancing neurodegenerative disease/epilepsy, longevity and dermatology research at BIO International Convention.

How many contacts, meetings, and partnership discussions did you have during the BIO International Convention?
68 contacts, 36 meetings, and series of partnerships discussions in 3 days: That was BIO in Boston for Bicoll. Presentations of lead preclinical and clinical candidates in the neuroscience, dermatology and longevity have given a broad audience a chance to know about last partnered and non-partnered development of Bicoll.

What were the main areas of focus for Bicoll’s presentations at the convention?
Among the esteemed exhibitors, Bicoll, a biotech company based in Bavaria, seized the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge innovations. Led by experts Kai Lamottke and Maria Lamottke, the Bicoll team eagerly welcomed visitors to booth. Alongside showcasing their unique capabilities in drug discovery, natural product research, and chemical synthesis, Bicoll unveiled their dedicated focus on two cutting-edge fields: neurodegenerative diseases and longevity/healthy aging. Bicoll’s poster and handouts has visually depict remarkable achievements and advancements in these fields. At the booth, attendees had the valuable opportunity to interact with Bicoll’s experts, delve into their comprehensive range of services, and gain insights into their recent breakthroughs.

Where does the BIO International Convention take place and how many leaders from the biotech industry attended this year?
The BIO International Convention stands as one of the most prestigious events in the biotech industry and attracted over 14,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders from around the globe this year to Boston, MA. Situated amidst the exhibition, the German Pavilion within the BIO International Convention distinguishes itself as a dedicated space where German companies and institutions proudly present their ambitious product developments, services, and notable achievements in biotech to a global audience.

What opportunities did the presence of Bicoll at the BIO International Convention offer in terms of collaborations and partnerships?
The presence of Bicoll at the BIO International Convention served as a prime opportunity to foster collaborations and seek strategic partnerships. Actively encouraging individuals and organizations interested in co-development and out-licensing options within the neurodegenerative diseases and longevity/healthy aging domains, Bicoll’s team aimed to engage in meaningful discussions and explore potential avenues for collaboration. Beyond the exhibition hours, attending various receptions extended the day well into the night, as networking and further interactions continued.

How will the experiences gained at the BIO event contribute to Bicoll’s advancements?
As Bicoll continues to advance its neuroscience/epilepsy as well as dermatology projects, the experiences gained at the BIO event will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing pursuit of breakthroughs in neuroinflammation and the development of more effective treatments for patient benefits.

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