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  • 82152 Planegg/Martinsried
  • Germany
  • Phone: +49 (0)89/82 07 25 64
  • moc.puorg-llocib@ofni

Dr. Kai Lamottke, Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

About Bicoll

Bicoll is a biopharmaceutical company with expertise in drug discovery. These are either derived from the most successful source for new types of drugs (Top 200 blockbusters, plant-based natural products) or are produced by a custom synthesis. Preclinical support for new approaches in the field of disease control is Bicoll’s original field of activity. Bicoll positioned itself internationally early on in this regard. Till now the company management has initiated research projects with the volume of over 30 million € and made numerous trade sales (> 50 million € of partners) possible through its activities and contributions.

What is your motivation?

“ Evolution has a solution” gave a start to Bicoll’s bold idea of systematically and effectively using the most successful source for drug development. Meantime, Bicoll’s approach has been proven to be the fastest method from the initial test to the first animal data. The first products derived from Bicoll research are reaching the market. Additionally, building on in-house know-how, Bicoll has developed a strong market position in the field of medicinal chemistry and helped other companies to supply their research with bioactive substances. The Bicoll team continuously contributes to the value growth of partners and ultimately to minimize patient suffering or to bring products with improved properties onto the market.

“We look forward to you expanding the leading biotech cluster in Europe and its strong network of unique companies, doubling the area by 2025 and quadrupling it by 2030.”

Dr. Kai Lamottke, Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

Bicoll technology allows the fastest approach from initial screening to access the first animal data with small active molecules within a short nine month time period (http://bit.ly/1WDGb0m). This can also be achieved under difficult medicinal settings (e.g. orphan targets, rare diseases) as well as in the fields of crop protection, food supplements and cosmetics.

Bicoll chemical starting points for drug development have a proven higher chance to survive the early research phase to achieve the product. Bicoll has an interest in finding potential partners who have the expertise to identify appropriate biological pathways that can map diseases, but who do not possess any relevant active molecules for targeted intervention in this particular field.

Bicoll is an internationally acting company, working in successful cooperations with global partners such as GENFIT, Bayer, EpimiRNA.