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Prof. Dr. Matthias Hebrok

Prof. Dr. Matthias Hebrok
Director, Institute for Diabetes and Organoid Technology (IDOT) and Professor and Chair for Applied Stem Cell and Organoid Systems, School of Medicine, Technical University Munich (TUM)

Topic: Organoids in Human Medicine
Rapid developments in human stem cell research have recently made it possible to create organoids, organ-like structures, de novo to analyse the development, function and organ diseases from outside the body. In my talk, I will present the application of organoid technology for diabetes cell therapy.

Photo credit: Uli Benz /TUM
Prof. Dr. med. Clemens von Schacky

Prof. Dr. med. Clemens von Schacky
Managing Director Omegametrix

Topic: Omegametrix’ Fatty acid analysis – a significant leap forward

The conventional nutritional research utilises methods such as dietary questionnaires, which yield data with a plausibility of 50% and employ outdated methods. We invented, designed and developed the Omegametrix-method to determine a person‘s status of fatty acids. This is a strictly standardized analysis of the respective percentage of 26 fatty acids in erythrocytes, which approximately 420 publications are based on. In the course of the talk, I will present this analytical method and explain how we have opened a new chapter in fatty acid research.

Photo credit: Omegametrix

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