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Dr. Pascal Schweizer, Co-Founder & CEO / CFO

About Thermosome GmbH

Thermosome is a biopharmaceutical company leveraging its proprietary drug targeting platform to create products with improved therapeutic index. Through its TSL technology, drug-loaded nanocarriers can be created which, after intravenous infusion, release their content locally upon the influence of mild heat of 40 – 42°C reaching up to 15-fold higher local drug concentrations. Local heating is achieved by various clinically established medical devices for targeted heating using techniques such as focused microwave or high-intensity focused ultrasound. Thermosome’s technology is particularly suitable for the targeted treatment of local diseases, such as locally advanced solid tumors. Its lead candidate has finalized pre-clinical development and will be translated into human clinical trials in an oncological indication.

What is your motivation?

I founded my first own company as a 17-year-old teenager in high school. While I started my career working about a decade in corporate strategy and management (Bain & Co., ZEISS), an entrepreneurial role was something I always envisioned. For me, life sciences is a particularly rewarding industry as we develop meaningful products that may one day make this world a better place, for instance, by offering better treatment options for severe diseases. At Thermosome, we strive to improve the treatment of locally advanced tumors. These are tumors which are preoperatively treated to enable surgery. With our technology, we achieve up to 15-fold higher local drug concentrations, potentially making preoperative treatments much more effective. If successful, we may one day offer a curative treatment to patients with certain locally advanced tumors. This is the vision we are all working for.

“The IZB is a great place to be for life science start-ups. Not only can you grow your company in a flexible manner, you become part of an inspirational network of driven bioentrepreneurs.”

Dr. Pascal Schweizer, Co-Founder & CEO / CFO

Founded in 2010, Thermosome is a biotech company developing new drug delivery systems for therapeutic and diagnostic agents based on temperature-sensitive liposomes.

The company is using a novel liposome technology based on synthetic phospholipids that provides liposomes with prolonged circulation half-life and ultra-fast release properties. Drug release shall be triggered by the application of energy from an exogenous or endogenous device (e.g. regional hyperthermia, high intensity focused ultrasound) to the patient receiving the treatment. Thermosome will make use of its platform technology in order to not only enhance the efficacy of the drug but also to reduce systemic side effects.