Economic reception in 2019 at the IZB

Group-picture-Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel_Michael Durach_Prof. Petra Schwille_Angela Inselkammer_Kerstin Schreyer_Michael Scholl_Maxi­milian Jell_Franz Inselkammer_Economic reception-2019

Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director, Innovation- and Start-up-Center for Biotechnology (IZB), Michael Durach, Managing Director, Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH, Prof. Petra Schwille, Director Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Angela Inselkammer, Managing Director, Ayinger Privatbrauerei, Kerstin Schreyer, Bavarian State Minister for Family, Labour and Social Affairs, Michael Scholl, CEO, Leukocare AG, Maxi­milian Jell, Head of Regulatory Affairs & Reduced Risk Products, Philipp Morris GmbH, Franz Inselkammer, Managing Director, Ayinger Privatbrauerei (f.l.t.r.)

Group-picture_Dr.-Wandan-Solongo_Dr.-Andrea-Sommer_Dr.-Stefan-Arend_Uwe-Wollschläger_Economic reception-2019

Dr. Wandan Solongo, Bayernwerk AG, Dr. Andrea Sommer, Rechtsanwältin / Lawyer, Dr. Stefan Arend, KWA Kuratorium Wohnen im Alter gAG, Uwe Wollschläger, Bayernwerk AG (v.l.n.r.)

75 entrepreneurs followed up the joint invitation of the Minister of State Kerstin Schreyer and Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director of the IZB. This network meeting took place for the seventh time on May 28, 2019. “It is very important that companies in the region continue to network. But I’m also pleased about everyone who is here for the first time today, because the contacts that are made here lead to synergies and new, joint projects,” said Schreyer in her speech. Kerstin Schreyer also talked about her work as Minister of State for Family, Labor and Social Affairs.

In her presentation, the minister focused on the subject of the skilled worker shortage: “The Bavarian State Government aims to permanently close the gap in the shortage of skilled workers. And we can only do that if we tap into all domestic as well as all intra-European potential. Because it can not be that our economy is desperately looking for skilled workers, while the know-how is lying idle on our doorstep.” Schreyer described measures by which the Family, Labor and Social Affairs Ministry would like to bring more elderly people and people with disabilities into workplaces. The current debates on working hours and pensions were also a topic.

Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel welcomed the minister and the 75 guests at the event. “I’m pleased that so many of you took up our invitation. Every year, business relations arise at the reception that develop further,” said Zobel. “In addition to manufacturing plants and trading and service companies, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are also based in the region. Cooperation between these companies and the young start-ups at the IZB leads to enormous growth potential in the district,” explained Zobel.

Group-picture_Dr.-Kai-Lamottke_Prof.-André-Brändli_Gundel-Hager_Dr.-Martin-Ried_Economic reception-2019

Dr. Kai Lamottke, Bicoll GmbH, Prof. André Brändli,  Biomedical Center Munich, Gundel Hager, Ph.D., Crelux a WuXi Apptech Company, Dr. Martin Ried (f.l.t.r.)

Group-picture_Dr.-Roman-Zantl_Dr.-Michael-Mai_Michael-Scholl_Economic reception-2019

Dr. Roman Zantl, Ibidi GmbH, Dr. Michael Mai, Menlo Systems GmbH, Michael Scholl, Leukocare AG (v.l.n.r.)