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Tom Loeser, Partner und Geschäftsführer der Viopas Venture Consulting (Germany) GmbH

Tom Loeser

Partner and CEO of Viopas Venture Consulting (Germany) GmbH

About Viopas

Viopas Venture Consulting: entrepreneurial backgrounds, many perspectives, always curious.
Viopas Venture Consulting was founded by a team of industry professionals combining the expertise of serial entrepreneurs, venture capital fund managers and senior C-level Bio-Pharma executives.
All team members contribute their substantial industry track record of managing and investing in life science companies, developing pharmaceutical products, assessing medical devices, diagnostics, services and research tools, and providing financial expertise. The team has extensive expertise in development of pharmaceutical products for a wide range of diseases, such as immunology/oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, neuromuscular conditions and rare diseases.
As entrepreneurs we share our knowledge and know-how with the next generation of inspiring and talented innovators to produce innovative healthcare solutions for the benefit of patients.

What is your motivation?

Capital markets communication and recognition by life science analysts are an essential part in the management of Bio-Pharma companies, both during periods of rapid growth and difficult market cycles. In recent years partnering and building global strategic alliances represented two key differentiating factors that lifted certain German players into the global top quartile.
Now we need to reinforce these strategies for success by connecting regional clusters and centers of excellence on a broader scale. The convergence of life science, digitalization and AI opens new avenues for partnering with leading universities, research institutes and top investors in Europe, the US and Asia. Viopas Venture Consulting is looking forward contributing to business development and deal making from discovery through commercialization stages and making a difference for both patients and all industry stakeholders.

“I am excited to start the German office of Viopas Venture Consulting at the IZB in the center of a leading European biotech hot spot. This gives us a jump start to pioneering new initiatives in business development, partnering and strategic alliances.”

Tom Loeser
Partner und Geschäftsführer der Viopas Venture Consulting (Germany) GmbH