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  • Germany
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Dr. Jens Ruhe, CEO

About SciRhom

SciRhom GmbH is a biotechnology company focusing on the preclinical and early clinical development of therapeutics with novel modes of action. Based on a decade of pioneering research by Prof. Dr. Carl Blobel, co-founder of SciRhom and Director of the Arthritis and Tissue Degeneration Program at Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, SciRhom is developing first-in-class monoclonal antibodies against the cellular target protein iRhom2. As a key regulator of the central protease TACE (also known as ADAM17) iRhom2 controls the activation of several major pro-inflammatory signaling pathways, including TNF-alpha and IL-6 signaling. SciRhom’s anti-iRhom2 antibodies provide a unique and new approach to simultaneously inhibit these critical pathways for a more efficacious treatment of various diseases, including major debilitating autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

What is your motivation?

The strong desire to translate important scientific discoveries into novel high impact therapeutic treatment options is what drives me and unites our team at SciRhom. Targeting iRhom2 is one of the most exciting opportunities I ever came across in this regard, since the biology of this emerging target opens a new strategy to modulate the activity of the physiologically and pathophysiologically highly relevant protease TACE/ADAM17. It is the concept of simultaneously blocking critical disease-causing signal transduction pathways without affecting TACE-dependent, normal physiological processes that we expect to result in a potent new drug with superior efficacy and safety profiles. This promise in conjunction with the strong dedication of all SciRhom stakeholders strongly motivates us to bring our anti-iRhom2 antibodies into the clinic in order to hopefully improve patients’ quality of life as quick and as much as possible.

“With its infrastructure – including the premises, G2B and BioKids – and the proximity of highly innovative companies, the IZB provides ideal conditions for the development of SciRhom.”

Dr. Jens Ruhe, CEO

Founded in late 2016, SciRhom is a biotech start-up company that translates science into the preclinical and early clinical development of novel biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of life-threating diseases.