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Dr. Garwin Pichler, Geschäftsführer / Managing Director
Dr. Nils A. Kulak, Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

About PreOmics

PreOmics is a spin-off of the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, founded in 2016 by Dr G. Pichler and Dr N.A. Kulak, current CEOs, with the mission of developing, producing and selling innovative solutions to revolutionize and standardize Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based protein analysis. We are supporting scientists globally with our proprietary technologies such as the iST technology, a complete solution for reliable proteomic sample preparation, the PreON for full automation of sample processing based on our iST technology, the BeatBox for efficient tissue and cell homogenization. Recently, we launched the ENRICH and ENRICHplus technologies for deep, automatable, affordable and reliable plasma proteomic analyses.

What is your motivation?

We empower our clients in life science to establish biological knowledge through efficient reliable solutions and workflows that set the standard for protein analysis. Our team spirit, energy and commitment empower us to be creative and quality focused. A trusted partner witdeeply rooted scientific experience.
We see a future world with revolutionized proteomic discovery processes open for everyone from science to decision. Tools that reveal hidden causes of diseases, ensure sustainable nutrition and provide diagnoses that enhance lives and society.

“The IZB is the perfect location for us to continuously expand our network of customers and partners and to drive our innovations forward.”

Dr. Garwin Pichler, Geschäftsführer / Managing Director

The PreOmics GmbH develops and commercializes tools for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. The main focus are easy and optimized sample preparation methods enabling fast, efficient and sensitive measurements at high throughput. PreOmics further develops instruments for automated fractionation and enrichment to achieve complete proteomics and to facilitate the analysis of signal-transduction pathways. PreOmics addresses customers in research, drug development and diagnostics.