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Dr. Peter Frost, CEO
Dr. Lothar Steeb, CEO & CSO

About PELOBiotech

PELOBiotech GmbH is one of the leading distributors worldwide for Human & Animal Primary Cells, Adult Stem & iPS Cells, Media & Tools. Scientists may choose from 25,000 cell culture products, handpicked from our exclusive partners. We offer modified and tagged primary and stem cells, diseased cell and 3D cell culture systems. Researchers love to use our comprehensive cell sourcing service from healthy and diseased donors (tissue, cells, plasma…). As one of our key features we have customized solutions with choice of prime media in R & D quality, GMP-like quality and GMP quality. Furthermore PELOBiotech develops and produces special cell culture media for primary, stem and embryonic stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. Customers get everything they need from one shop. We provide high quality cell culture products to bridge the gap from bench to bedside at reasonable prices.

What is your motivation?

Reliability, success, expertise. In short: competence. This is what drives Lothar Steeb and Peter Frost, managing directors of PELOBiotech GmbH. The two biologists have together almost 50 years of experience in the field of cell culture, media research and development. “I know how difficult it is to get promising results that you actually needed yesterday to get your paper out,” said Dr. Peter Frost, one of the founders of PELOBiotech. He has worked with several 3D cell system companies, e.g. InSphero, Switzerland. The Rhinelander focuses on technologies to make research reliable, predictable, and successful for industry in the end. Also on board is “Mr. Medium,” as scientists call Dr. Lothar Steeb secretly. ‘My profession is to generate the best possible culture conditions and tools for all primary cells to find the best solution for your research’. To find the best solution for your research. No wonder, the CSO has developed dozens of media for – now happy – leading institutes and universities.

“At the IZB we are right in the middle of it all—as one of the leading cell culture specialists in the middle of Germany’s biotech hotspot and as a medium manufacturer in life science research.”

Dr. Peter Frost, CEO

PELOBIOTECH GmbH develops and produces special cell culture media for human primary cells and stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. It is our goal to develop media systems which are animal-free and/or defined to make the usage of animal components (e.g. FBS, BSA, BPE) redundant. Our media systems are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems as well as with from tissues isolated cells.

In addition to our media products, PELOBIOTECH GmbH distributes a broad range of cell culture products from our exclusive partners worldwide. We are very keen to offer the broadest portfolio of human and animal primary cells as well as stem cells:

  • Human/animal primary cells & stem cells
  • iPS derived cells & iPS media
  • Modified and tagged primary cells & stem cells
  • 3D Cell Culture Technology (Scaffolds, Hydrogels, Scaffold-free)
  • 3D Microtissues ready-to-use
  • Angiogenesis Models and Angiogenesis validated Primary cells
  • MicroMatrix Array for the optimal cell/stem cell microenvironment (ECM and soft underground)
  • Cell Culture Tools – Cytokines, Growth Factors, Chemokines, Biomatrix Proteins, Purification Systems for DNA/RNA/Proteins, Dyes for Microscopy, FACS and HTS, thousands of Elisa KITs and Antibodies
  • Instruments: µ Volume Spectrophotometer & Automatic Cell Counter

Together with our new partners Akron biotech, irisbiosciences, BioLifeSolutions and Helios BioScience we are now able to offer GMP products from tissues dissociation to cryopreservation (e.g.: cytokines, growth factors, biomatrix (ECM) proteins, cryopreservation media, scaffolds, hydrogels, cell culture supplements (AB serum, BSA) and platelet lysate).

Services are offered via our excellent partners GenXPro (Transcriptomics, Genomics, Epigenomics, Bioinformatics), irisbiosciences (Contract Manufacturing of adipose derived cells), ReachBio Research Labs (Hemotoxicity Testing, Cancer Stem Cell and Leukemic CFC Assays, Cytokine Storm Risk Analysis and Stem Cell Mobilization Assays and PELOBIOTECH (development & production of cell culture media and customized cell isolation).