• OncoBeta GmbH
  • Am Klopferspitz 19
  • 82152 Planegg / Martinsried
  • Deutschland
  • moc.atebocno@ofni

About Oncobeta

As OncoBeta GmbH, we specialize in innovative therapies for non-melanoma skin cancers, focusing on improving patient outcomes with our non-invasive Rhenium-SCT® therapy. Our dedication to advancing skin cancer treatment is reflected in our development of medical devices and instruments essential for delivering this therapy effectively. We are committed to enhancing quality of life for patients through our pioneering treatments and services. For a detailed overview of our mission and work, please visit our “About Us” page on our website

What is your motivation?

OncoBeta GmbH is driven by a mission to revolutionize the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers through their innovative, non-invasive Rhenium-SCT® therapy. Their motivation stems from a desire to offer patients a painless, effective treatment option that not only addresses cancer but also minimizes cosmetic impact. By focusing on patient-centered care and leveraging advanced technology, OncoBeta GmbH aims to set new standards in dermatological treatments, making significant strides in improving both the health and quality of life for those affected by skin cancer. For an in-depth look at their goals and motivations, please visit our website or contact us directly.

“We are thrilled about joining the IZB ecosystem, enhancing our capabilities with a new lab. This expansion not only grows our capacity but also strengthens our ties with science researchers and innovators across Europe.”

Nicholas Vettler, Shannon Brown III
CEOs of OncoBeta