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Dr. Hannes Hahne, CEO

About OmicScouts

OmicScouts is a world-leading chemical proteomics company. We combine excellent research expertise and innovative technologies to support our pharma and biotech clients and accelerate their drug discovery and development efforts. Based on our cutting-edge mass spectrometry platform, we provide and develop proteome-wide assays to determine relevant biological and pharmacological properties of proteins in their physiological environment. For instance, our assay suite enables the identification and deconvolution of small molecule drug targets, their molecular mechanisms of action, or drug response biomarkers. These molecular insights allow our clients to take informed decisions at multiple stages of the drug discovery process, such as target identification, lead optimization or clinical candidate selection, to eventually come up faster with better and safer drugs.

What is your motivation?

Proteins are the major actors on the stage of life as they execute and control virtually all processes in an organism. Their molecular properties are highly specialized, requiring versatile analytical techniques to study their diverse and dynamic functions. One such technique is mass spectrometry. During its early days hundred years ago, mass spectrometry played a pivotal role in the discovery of the isotopes of chemical elements by Sir Francis Aston (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1922). Back then, Sir Francis Aston predicted that mass spectrometry would not be further needed once all isotopes of chemical elements are known. Although he did not anticipate how widely mass spectrometry would be used today, we think he would be more than delighted: Mass spectrometry is continuing to revolutionize the protein sciences at many
levels from cell biology to protein structure analysis, from protein interactions to signalling pathways and from disease biology to drug discovery.

“The IZB is an excellent launch pad for young and aspiring enterprises.”

Dr. Hannes Hahne, CEO