• Novogene
  • Am Klopferspitz 19
  • 82152 Planegg/Martinsried
  • Deutschland
Dr. Pengyu Wang, Lab Manager, Novogene GmbH

Dr Pengyu Wang, Lab Manager, Novogene GmbH

Tingting Zhou, Managing Director, Novogene GmbH

About Novogene

Novogene GmbH is a provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting edge Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics expertise. Novogene utilises its deep scientific knowledge, first-class customer service and unsurpassed data quality to help clients realise their research goals in the rapidly evolving world of genomics. Our Sequencing Centre in the IZB offers research, diagnostics, biotech and pharmaceutical clients an unrivalled NGS service with exceptional data quality and expert PhD level advice and support.

Novogene GmbH is a new subsidiary of Novogene, a company with multiple locations around the world, 62 NGS related patents and over 20,000 publications in top tier journals such as Nature and Science.

What is your motivation?

At the core of Novogene is a motivation to advance genomics and improve life. Novogene is committed to being a trusted genomics partner and leveraging cutting-edge sequencing technologies to unravel the genome, contributing to knowledge across a broad range of areas, including improved health outcomes, drug discovery, and an understanding of the genetic foundations of various ecosystems. As a customer-oriented company, our goal is to do so by providing first-class services, quality, and results to our customers around the world. We constantly strive to innovate and improve our services to provide our customers with an excellent experience.

“We are very excited to join the IZB eco-system. This new lab will not only expand our capacity but also enable us to collaborate more closely with researchers and innovators in biotechnology across Europe.”

Tingting Zhou, Managing Director