• Eisbach Bio GmbH
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  • 82152 Planegg/Martinsried
  • Deutschland
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  • oib.hcabsie@ofni

Dr. Adrian Schomburg
CEO & Founder

About Eisbach Bio

Some of the most devastating tumors develop because they have lost tumor suppressor genes. These tumors are incredibly difficult to treat and in many cases, there are simply no cures. Thanks to major progress in the sequencing of human cancers, we have identified molecular Achilles heels – i.e. the essential engines that drive these tumor genome rearrangements. Importantly, using our key epigenetic technologies Eisbach Bio can target these tumors head-on. Based on our unique screening and cellular platforms, we are developing first-in-class drugs that correct these disruptive changes within the tumor. We can do so in an extremely specific manner that spares non-cancer cells. Eisbach will beat cancer at its own game. In February 2020, Eisbach joined the world wide efforts to combat the Coronavirus pandemic and is developing inhibitors against relevant and essential SARSCoV2 proteins.

What is your motivation?

We are a bold, curious and relentless team whose pledge is to transform the lives of patients and be stewards of our community. Eisbach aims to produce groundbreaking therapeutic small molecules for the treatment of non-curable cancer utilizing the principle of synthetic lethality. We are committed to make tumor-suppressor mutant cancer treatable and will deliver on the promise of our cutting-edge science to pioneer new drugs with the motivation to improve the lives of many patients for whom there is currently no cure.

“The IZB provides our team the perfect environment to kick-start our projects and operations and we are grateful to be part of this community.”

Dr. Adrian Schomburg
CEO & Founder

Prof. Andreas Ladurner
CSO & Founder

Eisbach Bio is an innovative start-up in biotechnology founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the Biomedical Center Munich. We are developing novel drugs that successfully target molecular vulnerabilities arising in cancer genomes. Thanks to a unique screening approach, Eisbach will establish cures for tumors that currently have no viable therapeutic option. In combination with existing drugs, our molecules will also make current therapies much more effective and greatly reduce their negative side-effects. By inhibiting genome evolution, we will furthermore increase the number of patients that can benefit from cancer immunotherapy. Eisbach will beat cancer at its own game.