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Atriva Therapeutics GmbH

Christian M. Pangratz, CEO

About Atriva Therapeutics

Atriva Therapeutics GmbH, with additional sites in Tübingen and Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is pursuing a novel approach to combating known and unknown viral respiratory infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 and influenza, using host cell proteins rather than the virus for therapy. Atriva’s lead product, zapnometinib (ATR-002), is a first-in-class host-targeted agent that inhibits viral replication and favorably affects the body’s immune response to RNA viruses. In September 2022, Atriva had published promising topline results from the proof of concept (POC)/phase 2a RESPIRE (zapnometinib) trial in patients with COVID-19.

What ist your motivation?

Even during the ongoing pandemic, infectious diseases remain largely ignored with respect to the discovery of innovative therapeutics and significant financial investments. Relevant communities prefer to stick to established approaches such as directly acting antivirals in response to upcoming threats. We at ATRIVA see a unique opportunity with a host cell-based anti-viral approach ultimately providing medicines for a world free from pandemic threats. By using a host cell target as point of intervention, ATRIVA can simultaneously tackle multiple viruses using one target that these viruses require for replication and disease evolution. Through our dual-effect approach, we limit viral proliferation, and cope with the derailed immune system in parallel; at the same time, we avoid resistance formation. This new and exciting anti-viral solution drives us and our work at ATRIVA Therapeutics with the vision to help mankind live a life free from pandemic threats.

“We are delighted to move into the IZB, the hot spot for life sciences in Munich. The interdisciplinary exchange with the network of world-class scientists located there will support us in our next steps to strengthen Atriva’s pioneering role as an innovator of host cell-based antiviral drugs.”

Christian M. Pangratz

CEO Atriva Therapeutics