Pharmaceutical Technical Assistants (PTA)


From September 2018, the chemistry school will start with the new training course Pharmaceutical Technical Assistants (PTA). Overall, the training for PTA takes 2 1/2 years. In the first two years, students receive practical and theoretical lessons in subjects such as pharmacology, botany and drug science, chemistry, etc. During this time, an internship of a total of four weeks must be completed in a pharmacy. The first training period ends after 2 years with the first part of the state final exam. Thereafter, students complete a six-month internship at a pharmacy, where they gain insights into operations and pharmaceutical operations, and apply and deepen their acquired knowledge in practice. Thereafter, the training concludes with the second part of the state final exam. The training takes place in the school in the Ludmilla­straße in Munich and in the innovation and start-up center for biotechnology (IZB) on the Campus Martinsried. PTA can be anyone who has a middle level education.