A new town center for Martinsried


The Martinsplatz: new town center in Planegg/Martinsried


Opening Ceremony with Heinrich Hofmann, Mayor of Planegg

The Martinsrieder—and with them many employees, students and scientists of the nearby IZB and the MPIs—took possession of their new local center with a lively summer party in mid-May. The IZB-Residence CAMPUS AT HOME was represented with a pavillion. The visual center of the square is the fountain of the Munich artist Thomas Kroiher, which Planegg’s mayor Heinrich Hofmann activated by pushing a button. The new city center not only offers the campus staff a wide range of shopping opportunities and services, it has also become the center of life for many students and scientists: Around 240 apartments of various sizes have been built, most of them already rented or sold. The entire new infrastructure, just several meters from the Martinsried campus, cost more than 60 million euro. All speakers emphasized that the town center will continue to develop over the next few years and that it will be an attractive addition to the eastern Würmtal ­Valley, especially in connection with the construction of the subway, which is scheduled to go into operation in six years at the latest.

Booth of the IZB Residence CAMPUS AT HOME

Booth of the IZB Residence CAMPUS AT HOME


Building at the Martinsplatz