MoleQlar receives seed funding from Rheingau Founders and acquires Munich-based epigenetics specialist EpiQMAx

One of the leading companies for longevity nutritional supplements and health tests, combines high technical expertise with forward-looking approaches to keep pace with rapid progress.

Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert, CEO der neu gegründeten MoleQlar Analytics GmbH

Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert, CEO of the newly founded MoleQlar Analytics GmbH (formerly EpiQMAx)

Munich Nov 9, 2023 – MoleQlar, a Berlin-based longevity company specializing in the development and distribution of science-based longevity products including nutritional supplements and health tests, is pleased to announce the closing of a seed funding round with Rheingau Founders as lead investor. The young and dynamic company also announces the acquisition of EpiQMAx, a Munich-based epigenetics company. The fresh capital and strategic acquisition will enable MoleQlar to further expand its visionary efforts in the longevity space. Rheingau Founders’ investment underlines its confidence in MoleQlar’s potential to transform the longevity market and provides the company with a solid financial foundation for its next growth steps.

“We are delighted with the trust and support we have received from Rheingau Founders,” said Maximilian Griessinger, Mario Gietl and Clemens Klinger, the pioneering founding team of MoleQlar. “This investment will allow us to accelerate our research and development activities, expand our market presence and continue to do what we originally set out to do: To sustainably improve the quality of life and healthspan of as many people as possible.”

Since its founding, has developed a wide range of innovative products that combat the hallmarks of ageing at the molecular level while improving health indicators. With the current injection of funds, the company intends to accelerate the development of new products and further advance its vision of a healthier future.

Dr. Dominik Duscher, scientific advisor of, expressed his excitement about the latest developments: “This investment and acquisition mark a significant milestone for MoleQlar. I am absolutely enthusiastic about the opportunities for personalized longevity medicine opened up by bringing together our expertise in longevity with EpiQMAx’s advanced technologies.”

EpiQMAx, a specialist in proteomic analysis and epigenetics, with a number of renowned European clients including a large insurance company and a major specialist chemicals company, complements MoleQlar’s work in an outstanding way. The company offers a market-leading epigenetic saliva test that gives people deeper insights into how the body works at the cellular level, while also providing an approach to tailoring optimization for healthy longevity.

“The acquisition of EpiQMAx is a strategic move for MoleQlar and we look forward to welcoming their expert team and advanced technologies to our company,” added Maximilian Griessinger, CEO of “The integration of EpiQMAx’s proteomic analysis technologies will greatly enhance our analytics and product development capabilities.”

“EpiQMAx is excited to become a part of the MoleQlar team,” commented Dr Moritz Völker-Albert, CEO of the newly formed MoleQlar Analytics GmbH (formerly EpiQMAx). “Our technical capabilities in proteomic analysis and histone modification quantification will significantly increase MoleQlar’s clout and help us to apply epigenetics to sustainably improve people’s lives through advanced personalized health solutions.”

The acquisition of EpiQMAx and the successful seed funding are clear indicators of MoleQlar’s impressive growth and innovative spirit in the longevity industry. With a unified vision to push the boundaries of science and provide people with more comprehensive access to personalized longevity solutions, the combined team continues to expand.

“We are delighted for EpiQmax and especially for Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert that his successful project and thus an important contribution to improving public health is continuing. We wish him and MoleQlar all the best and every success in the future. We will keep an eye on you,” says Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director of the IZB.

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Since its founding in 2020, the Berlin-based company has become the market leader for longevity solutions in central Europe. The focus on understandable information and the distribution of smart nutritional supplements paired with innovative laboratory tests has created the basis for a holistic vision to bring longevity innovations from the lab into everyday life. combines the latest science with innovative approaches to provide life-changing products and solutions.

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