Lebensmut e.V. helps patients with cancer and their families to cope with this life crisis.

With lebensmut TV, the association breaks new ground in communication

Lebensmut Im Tv

Prof. Wolfgang Hiddemann talking to a patient as part of the first lebensmut TV production

„lebensmut e. V. offers a network for body and soul. In addition to medical care, we want to give people with cancer and their relatives a feeling of security and courage.“

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hiddemann
first chairman of lebensmut e.V. and former head of Medical Clinic III at the LMU Hospital in Munich

Coping with cancer and its consequences requires a lot of strength from patients and their relatives. At lebensmut e.V., they find the important human address and support they need. With a variety of psycho-oncological projects sponsored by the association, those affected are individually accompanied through the crisis period of the disease and beyond. At the LMU Clinic in Munich, the association supports and promotes psycho-oncological structures. An indispensable basis for our work is the close connection with high-performance medicine – i.e. with highly qualified doctors, nurses and other specialists who use their knowledge for the benefit of the patients and in awareness of the possibilities and limits of modern medicine.

Psycho-oncological support is currently financed by donations
The need for orientation, advice and support is growing, also in view of the new therapeutic options in cancer medicine. Being there for as many affected people as possible – this is only possible thanks to many loyal supporters who make this work possible with their generous donations. For to date, psycho-oncology has not been adequately funded by payers.

TV coverage to encourage patients
With lebensmut TV, the association is now launching a new way of communicating. In the form of a video, which was filmed in the Biotechnology Innovation and Start-Up Center with a view of the Großhadern Clinic, the moving fate stories of people who have been diagnosed with cancer and who have taken advantage of lebensmut’s support – whether as patients or as relatives – are brought closer.

New TV reports on family consultations, new treatment concepts and immunotherapies planned for 2022
The programs offered by lebensmut will be presented, and those affected will describe which ones they have used and which ones have helped them. The medical aspects of the respective disease will also be discussed. The first lebensmut TV feature has now been completed – not least with the help of start-up funding from a generous donation. Our thanks also go to the management of the IZB, which provided us with the Faculty Club as a filming location free of charge. Since Nov. 28, 2021, lebensmut TV can be accessed online at our homepage lebensmut.org. Further contributions are planned for 2022, including on family consultation, but also on new treatment concepts such as immunotherapy and on special cancers. In the first lebensmut TV feature, Melanie N. describes how she dealt with the diagnosis and treatment of mantle cell lymphoma and the fears and worries that burdened her. At the same time, however, she is also a family member, as her husband Axel W. suffers from a brain tumor that has required repeated operations. How to deal with this double burden and still keep the courage to face life, you can learn in this moving article: Videolink


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