Tubulis out-licenses IND-ready ADC for the treatment of lymphoma to Oncoteq

The deal grants Oncoteq exclusive global development rights for potential best-in-class CD30 ADC, addressing a billion-dollar market

Behandlung einer Lymphompatientin

The ADC TEQ102 could significantly improve the treatment results and quality of life of lymphoma patients.

“This licensing agreement with Oncoteq further validates our differentiated ADC development platform and technology, demonstrating we can develop a clinical stage-ready and therapeutically relevant drug candidate.”

Dominik Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Tubulis

Tubulis, a biotech company located at the Innovation and Start-up Center for Biotechnology in Martinsried, entered into an out-licensing agreement with Oncoteq AG, a Swiss clinical stage biotech company specializing in novel and innovative cancer treatments, in late November 2023. Oncoteq is expanding its development pipeline with the potential best-in-class antibody drug conjugate (ADC) TEQ102 for the treatment of patients with CD30-positive lymphomas, including, but not limited to, T-cell and Hodgkin’s lymphomas. Patients with these types of lymphomas and whose disease recur are faced with limited treatment options that have relatively poor long-term outcomes.

The ADC TEQ102 (formerly TUB-010), designed and developed by Tubulis, utilizes Tubulis’ unique linker technology to achieve selective and reliable release of the cytotoxic agent. This is intended to greatly improve the safety and tolerability of the highly effective CD30-targeted anti-tumour treatment to enable longer treatment and/or higher doses of the ADC. TEQ102 could therefore significantly improve treatment outcomes and quality of life of lymphoma patients.

TEQ102 targets a market currently valued at USD ~1.5bn but expected to grow towards USD 3bn in the coming years.

Mads Dalsgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Oncoteq, comments: “We are excited to again execute on our strategy to build a pipeline of promising future cancer treatments and to secure rights to what can be a significant improvement in treatment options for patients with CD30-positive lymphomas. TEQ102 has the potential to be superior to current therapies and addresses a marked unmet medical need. We are looking forward to quickly advancing the development of the compound towards clinical testing.”

Dominik Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Tubulis, adds: “This licensing agreement with Oncoteq further validates our differentiated ADC development platform and technology, demonstrating we can develop a clinical stage-ready and therapeutically relevant drug candidate. The Oncoteq team brings the right expertise and knowledge to advance TEQ102 through clinical development to deliver the highest benefits for patients. Our focus is on the further development of our growing, innovative pipeline of ADCs that are specifically tailored to patients with solid tumours.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Oncoteq obtains a worldwide exclusive license for the development and commercialization of TEQ102. Tubulis will be entitled to an upfront payment as well as development-based milestone payments and royalties on future sales.

About TEQ102
TEQ102 (formerly TUB-010) is a highly stable ADC with favorable drug properties. It consists of a well-characterized anti-CD30 antibody, the innovative TubTag® technology linker and the clinically well-established cytotoxic agent monomethyl-auristatin E. Tubulis’ unique TubTag® technology enables the development of homogenous and highly stable ADCs with reliable drug-antibody ratios, reduced aggregation potential and no premature cleavage. TEQ102 will be investigated in patients with CD30-positive lymphomas to evaluate its potential to deliver a more efficacious and better tolerated solution for CD30-directed treatment with the goal of improving quality of life and treatment outcomes for patients living with these diseases.

About Oncoteq
Established in 2022, Oncoteq is a clinical stage biotech company specializing in innovative cancer treatments. Combining AI technology from its sister company Innoplexus (www.innoplexus.com) and Oncoteq’s scientific and medical expertise allows the company to identify molecules that could become effective medicines but are no longer prioritized by current owners. Further, the AI platform is leveraged to optimize and de-risk clinical development plans. Oncoteq is founded and seeded by Cureteq AG and headquartered in Cham, Switzerland. Cureteq AG is an asset management and drug development company with focus on oncology, central nervous systems disorders, rare diseases and women’s health. For further information please visit www.oncoteq.ch and www.cureteq.com and the LinkedIn-page: LinkedIn.

About Tubulis
Tubulis generates uniquely matched protein-drug conjugates through the combination of novel proprietary technologies and disease-specific biologic insight. Our goal is to expand the therapeutic potential of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by increasing design flexibility while overcoming constraints of toxicity, efficacy and indication. Tubulis will build new conjugates to fill its growing pipeline and will continue to collaborate with industry partners to usher in a new ADC era and deliver better outcomes for patients. Visit Tubulis website www.tubulis.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.