Fit for emergencies

IZB and BioNTech SE employees took part in a first aid refresher course with the Johanniter.

What to do if an accident happens in the office or a colleague is lying unconscious on the floor? Or you come to a car accident and only a few minutes can decide about life and death. Often the first aid course was years ago. That’s why it’s important to remember the first steps and have a clear plan of procedure at hand. Employees of the Biotechnology Innovation and Start-up Center (IZB) and BioNTech SE, which is also located at the site, refreshed their first aid skills in a course at the Johanniter in Munich.

The Johanniter offer the course “Fit in First Aid within a Day”. The trained instructors teach the most important first aid info and moves so that you know what to do in an emergency. The trainer explained how to put unconscious people in the recovery position and how cardiopulmonary resuscitation works. The treatment of bleeding is also part of the training content, as is the procedure for “problems in the chest” – for example, a heart attack. The rescue chain is extremely important. Since it can take several minutes for trained emergency personnel to arrive in an emergency, trained first responders are important and play a vital role. When in doubt, however, always consider: Make the emergency call so that medical attention can be provided.

All in all, it was a very exciting day in which all possible situations that can occur were acted out. How do I behave in a traffic accident? How do I take off my helmet? How do I recognize poisoning? What should I be aware of in the event of an electrical accident? Here it is particularly important to first switch off the power source before putting yourself in danger. What do pregnant women need to be aware of? We will certainly never forget the catchy phrase: “Women should be left to their own devices”. Due to the course of the veins, pregnant women in the stable lateral position are always placed on the left side so that the embryo remains well supplied. Our recommendation: There are many small details to pay attention to – a refresher course is definitely a very sensible investment. Our group has decided to take this course again together in two years. It was also just fun to get to know each other outside of work.

Dr. Kathrin Ladetzki-Baehs, Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin von adivo GmbH; Dr. Markus Waldhuber, Gründer und Geschäftsführer adivo GmbH (v.ln.r.)

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