The ideas of tomorrow are born at the IZB

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(f.l.t.r.) Dr. Holger Reitinger, Geschäftsführer / CEO, Forbion Capital Partners, Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Geschäftsführer / CEO, IZB, Bettina Reckter, Journalistin / Journalist VDI Nachrichten, Jens Klein, Geschäftsführer / CEO, Amsilk GmbH, Dr. Matthias Kromayer, Vorstand / Chairman, MIG AG

Network event Biotech Press Lounge in February 2017: Amsilk cooperates with Adidas and presents the first sports shoe with degradable nature-identical silk biopolymers

On February 16, 2017, the Innovation and Start-up Center for Biotechnology (IZB) hosted the fourth Biotech Press Lounge in the Faculty Club G2B (Gateway to Biotech).
“The ideas of tomorrow are born at the IZB,” said Dr. Zobel, CEO of the IZB, when happily welcoming over 100 guests. “I am always pleased when IZB companies make a breakthrough and funding is available for market entry,” said Zobel in his speech.
Bettina Reckter from VDI News moderated the talks by Dr. Holger Reitinger (CEO of Forbion Capital Partners), Jens Klein (CEO of Amsilk GmbH) and Dr. Matthias Kromayer (Chairman of MIG AG).
Boston, USA, is the undisputed number 1 location ­for biotech companies.
In his talk “What can we learn from the Americans about financing rounds and what should we rather leave alone?” Holger Reithinger of Forbion Capital Partners shared his experience. “In Germany, as is so often the case, we think too small. Therefore, we realize only a fraction of the potential,” according to Reithinger. His partnership has invested in Europe and the USA for over 10 years, and currently manages a portfolio of about 30 active companies.

„An excellent communication platform for the industry – well beyond the boundaries of Martinsried.”

Jens Holstein, Chief Financial Officer
Morphosys AG


Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel


Anke Linnartz
Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications and IR
Morphosys AG

„Sports shoes made out of natural silk biopolymers, developed together with Adidas, are setting new standards in the field of sustainability and functionality of textiles. Further products, which we are currently developing with well-known international cooperation partners from the industry and textile sector, will follow,” says Jens Klein, CEO of Amsilk. “Basically, the Biosteel® fiber is suitable for all functional applications in the textile industry. Due to its functional properties and versatile applications in various products and industries, Biosteel® products have an enormous market potential,” says Klein about the innovative product.

„The tremendous response to the event surprised even me. It is fantastic to have a discussion with known experts from the biotech and start-up scene in front of such a competent audience.”

Bettina Reckter, Journalist VDI Nachrichten

In the context of his talk “Why biotechs sometimes fail and what can one do to prevent it,” Dr. Matthias Kromayer, Chairman of MIG AG, stressed that biotechnology companies’ well-known success factors alone are not enough for success. “Fantastic technology, clear medical need, unlimited application opportunities across different sectors, huge markets – those who focus on these factors, lose track of a crucial component. Much more important is a resilient business model,” according to Kromayer.


Jens Klein
Amsilk GmbH


Dr. Matthias Kromayer

„The casual and informal atmosphere with industry multipliers creates an optimal start-up situation for later business operations.”

Karin Hofelich, Publishing Director
Life Sciences GoingPublic Media AG