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Prof Ladurner

Prof. Andreas Ladurner
Head of Physiological Chemistry, Biomedical Center of the LMU as well as Managing Director, Founder and CSO Eisbach Bio GmbH


Topic: Hitting molecular machines where they are unique and vulnerable. Enabling allostery for precision oncology
Tumor genomics identifies cancers that are addicted to the activity of specific molecular machines. Also in the clinic, PARP inhibitors exploit the vulnerability of tumors that lack specific DNA repair pathways. This area of “synthetic lethality” holds great promise for targeted medicine, but developing selective drugs is challenging. Eisbach established an allosteric discovery engine that promises to disrupt cancer therapeutics.

Ali Etztürk

Prof. Dr. Ali Ertürk
Director Helmholtz Institute Munich and Prof. LMU Munch


Topic: New start-up 1×1 Biotech: Delivering treatments to right targets
In Ali Ertürk’s group, scientists are developing innovative technologies through medical research. Their goal is to treat complicated diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes in the next few years, not a few decades. The main goal is to bring together technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and even robotics to see how they can accelerate the understanding of complicated diseases. In this way, individual diseases can be researched and a treatment for Alzheimer’s or cancer can be found.

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