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Andrea Schmidts

Dr. med. Andrea Schmidts
Emmy Noether Group Leader, TranslaTUM & Medicine III – Hematology/Oncology, Technical University of Munich

Topic: Novel approaches to tackle resistance to CAR-T cell therapy.
My Emmy Noether group focuses on understanding and combating cancer cell resistance to CAR-T cell therapy. We aim to improve this innovative therapeutic approach and extend it to a broader patient population in clinical practice.

Dr. Patrick Großmann Invitris

Dr. Patrick Großmann
CEO and Co-Founder Invitris GmbH

Topic: The power of cell-free synthesis
Invitris is leveraging the power of cell-free synthesis to develop novel therapeutic drugs. To achieve this, Invitris built a technology platform, Phactory, with cell-free synthesis in its core that includes machine learning and automation components. Using this platform, they have, for the first time, achieved to break the dependence of bacteriophages on their respective bacterial host, leading to unprecedented scale in development & production. This lecture explains how Phactory helps companies develop protein-based drugs more efficiently, more cost-effective, and with novel functions.

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