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Prof. Karl Duderstadt

Prof. Dr. Karl Duderstadt
Head of the Research Group „Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Machines“, MPI of Biochemistry

Topic: Imaging the machines that reshape and remake chromosomes
High spatial and temporal resolution imaging approaches allow us to watch molecular pathways unfold in real time. We are using these methods to uncover the dynamic events during conflicts on chromosomes that can lead to misregulation and disease. We see a surprising resilience in the machines responsible for chromosome maintenance and the molecular consequences when things go wrong.

Jens Klein, Insempra

Jens Klein
Founder & CEO Insempra GmbH

Topic: How Insempra combines life science and technology to make matter for new, better and more sustainable products on an industrial scale
Companies have relied on chemical production processes and petrochemicals for too long, depleting our planet‘s limited resources. Insempra‘s mission is to drive the regenerative revolution to collaborate with nature to produce new more sustainable ingredients for numerous products on an industrial scale. Insempra aims to drive a new regenerative mindset and collective action. The time to restore balance between people and planet has come.

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