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Christine Schuberth-Wagner, CSO Catalym GmbH

Christine Schuberth-Wagner
CSO Catalym GmbH

Topic: An introduction of Catalym
Catalym has identified GDF-15 as a central regulator of the immune system in the tumor microenvironment. We are pioneering the reversal of GDF-15-mediated immunosuppression to induce a potent antitumoral immune reaction in non-responsive tumors. CatalYm’s lead program CTL-002 is poised to demonstrate clinical proof-of-concept in multiple solid tumor indications which will expand the treatment horizon for current and future immunotherapies.


Dr. Kikuë Tachibana
Director at the MPI for Biochemistry

Topic: How does life start?
Life begins with a transcriptionally silent embryo that is “awakened” to enable development. Despite the importance of this process, the reprogramming factors that activate embryonic transcription are largely unknown. We recently identified Nr5a2 as a key pioneer factor that awakens the mammalian genome.

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