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Prof. Nadia Harbeck
Head of the Breast Center of the University of Munich (Comprehensive Cancer Center CCC LMU), Head of interdisciplinary tumor board for breast cancer, Professor for Conservative Oncology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU)

Topic: Opportunities and risks of integrating eHealth into oncology therapy management
Oral therapies are becoming increasingly common in oncology and require interprofessional patient management, with close communication with the care team critical to treatment success. eHealth Support improves treatment adherence, patient satisfaction, and prognosis. New legislation now enables the prescription of digital health applications (DIGAs) in Germany. The interactive eHealth application CANAKDO is being used and further developed in the care of breast cancer patients in everyday clinical practice and in studies.


Dr. Jens Ruhe
CEO SciRhom GmbH

Topic: Targeting iRhom2 – a new paradigm for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
SciRhom develops first-in-class therapeutic antibodies against iRhom2, As a key regulator of TACE, iRhom2 activates several pro-inflammatory pathways, including TNF-alpha signaling. Our antibodies allow to simultaneously block these disease-causing pathways, promising significant improvement over current autoimmune therapies.

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Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director, IZB

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