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Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt

Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt
Director of the Research Department Machine Learning and Systems Biology at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Topic: Machine Learning and the Future of Bioinformatics
For decades, bioinformatics has worked to extract new knowledge from the vast databases of the life sciences. In recent years, machine learning, often referred to as artificial intelligence, has enabled previously almost unimaginable breakthroughs in bioinformatics. In my talk, I will outline the contributions to date and the plans of my research group at the interface of machine learning and bioinformatics.

Christian Pangratz und Prof. Dr. Wallasch sprechen beim IZBrunsch

Christian Pangratz | CEO Atriva Therapeutics GmbH
Dr. Christian Wallasch | CDO/COO Atriva Therapeutics GmbH

Topic: Host-cell targets in infectious diseases – a innovative and viable alternative to direct acting antivirals
ATRIVA is pursuing a pioneering approach to combat virus-induced respiratory diseases. Our presentation will delve into the observation that the proliferation of many ssRNA-viruses relies on host-cell MEK-inhibition, shedding light on the development of the first orally available MEK-inhibitor for the treatment of severe influenza. Join us for a detailed exploration of our research and development work and its potential implications for future epidemic and pandemic preparedness.

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Christian Gnam
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