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Dr. Alejandra MørkCEO KLIFO A/S

Dr. Alejandra Mørk

Topic: Ready for Phase 1? Closing the gaps in development projects
How do you secure sufficient funding in due time? How do you prevent delays in regulatory approval of your clinical trial? How do you ensure supply of drugs for your development program? By identifying potential challenges and addressing gaps, biotech companies can accelerate their development program and increase the chance of getting investors on-board. Alejandra Mørk, CEO at the integrated drug development consultancy KLIFO, will give examples of how to identify gaps and how to access authorities and investors to be cost-effective and deliver results.

Thorben Cordes01

Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes
Physical and Synthetic Biology”, LMU Biozentrum

Topic: Proteins in a shoebox: observing structural dynamics of individual proteins with miniaturized microscopes
Fluorescence imaging techniques allow real-time observation of the structural dynamics of biomacromolecules with high spatial and temporal resolution. We use these methods to elucidate the mechanisms of active membrane transport. Since these are relevant to a wide variety of cellular processes, they represent attractive drug targets. In this talk, I will present the basics of such methods and how they can be used in the future for a wide variety of drug screening applications through a new microscopy building block system.

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