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Prof. Dr. Olivia Merkel
Department of Pharmacy, LMU Munich

Theme: Inhalation therapy and prevention of respiratory virus infections with siRNA
The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted that we need better antiviral therapies, especially for respiratory viral diseases. We have developed inhalation therapies consisting of siRNA nanoparticles which inhibit
the viral genome of coronaviruses. The advantage over vaccination is the therapeutic index for virus variants and new coronaviruses.


Ulrich Scherbel
Managing Director AMSilk GmbH

Theme: Shaping the future with silk proteins for products in various industries
AMSilk GmbH is the leading company in the world to produce silk biopolymers using biotechnological processes on an industrial scale, which have all the functional properties of natural silk. The silk biopolymers are sold in the form of suspensions, hydrogel,powder or as fibers. In addition to its use in the coating of medical technology products and in the apparel industry, exciting new markets are being developed.



Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel
Managing Director of the IZB

News of the IZB