Federal budget 2021

50 million EUR made available: Florian Hahn MP is committed to better funding for therapeutics in the fight against Covid-19

At the last minute it was possible to include a total of 50 million EUR in the federal budget for promoting therapeutics in the fight against Covid-19, explained the federal member of parliament Florian Hahn MP. The sum extends over a period of three years and comprises 10 million EUR in 2021 and 20 million EUR in both 2022 and 2023. According to Hahn, it is important to focus on effective drugs in addition to research into vaccines.

“This is an important first step because this item is now fixed in the financial budget of the Federal Ministry of Research,” emphasized the local MP, “even if I would really like to see even greater efforts here.” In the next step, if there is any doubt, funding would have to be diverted from the special issue “Combating pandemics” in Section 60. The federal politician expressly thanked the chairman of the CSU in the Federal Parliament, Alexander Dobrindt, who supported him in this matter from the start. “Now the ball is in the hands of our innovative companies – especially in the Munich region ­– to submit their funding applications. I am convinced that, with our know-how, we can once again become the pharmacy of the world, especially when it comes to combating the corona pandemic,” said Hahn. Ultimately, he recently saw this in the convincing presentations by biotech companies in his constituency. The pitch day organized by the IZB Martinsried in October was the decisive trigger for the MP to push this even harder. “Research from Germany and not least from Bavaria and the district of Munich encourages us that we can soon overcome this pandemic together.”

Companies and scientists developing promising therapeutics against COVID-19 can apply and receive support until February 17, 2021. Funding will be provided in particular for clinical studies to investigate the tolerability and efficacy of new drugs.

Information on the new funding program and on existing support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for COVID-19 research can be found at:
Guideline for Funding Research and Development of Urgently Needed Therapeutics Against SARS-CoV-2.

Florian Hahn Im Izb

Florian Hahn Member of the Bundestag together with Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel (IZB), Planegg’s mayor Hermann Nafziger and researchers at the Biotech Campus Martinsried.