8th Biotech Press Lounge
Internatinonal speakers delighted the audience.

New ways to invest in cancer drugs

group-portrait-Ph.D.-Timothy-Luker,-Stephen-S.-Yoder,-Dr.-Peter Hanns-Zobel,-Prof.-Dr.-Patrick-Baeuerle-and-Jochen-Niehaus

Ph.D. Timothy Luker, Senior Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Business Development, Eli Lilly, Stephen S. Yoder, ­CEO, Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc., Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director, IZB, ­Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle, Managing Director, MPM Capital, Jochen Niehaus, Editor in chief, FOCUS Gesundheit (v.l.n.r.)

More than 100 guests from the biotech, pharmaceutical and venture capital industry met on May 16, 2018 at the 8th Biotech Press Lounge at the Faculty Club G2B (Gateway to Biotech), which has established itself as a network meeting for the Science Campus Martinsried. “I am very pleased that we were able to attract such high-caliber speakers to the Biotech Press Lounge, who not only come to the event at the IZB, but also regularly ­accompany us throughout the year”, said Dr. Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director of the IZB. Keynote speeches held Ph.D. Timothy Luker, Senior Director, Emerging Techno­logy & Innovation, Business Development at Eli Lilly; Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle, Managing Director of MPM Capital and ­Stephen S. Yoder, CEO of Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. ­Jochen Niehaus, Chief Editor of FOCUS Health, presented the event eloquently.
As the first speaker, Ph.D. Timothy Luker reported on the development of high-­quality medicines and the necessary search for external innovations. “Since the founding of Eli Lilly and Co. in 1876, our mission has remained unchanged: we are developing quality medicines that improve life”, said Luker. “We know that we can not do it alone and need to be innovative in our scientific and colaborative relationships to develope medicines. We are passionate about breakthrough innovations in oncology, immunology, neurodegeneration, pain therapy as well as diabetes and complications, and have a range of exciting models available to bring the best science into our pipeline”, Luker continued.

“The Biotech Press-Lounge draws on the benefits of a cluster, while providing a broader platform to openly communicate the opportunities and challenges our industry is facing.
For me personally, it was productive to share specifically how local and regional stakeholders can help Pieris and like-minded emerging biotech companies realize their vision of bringing transformative medicines to patients.”

Stephen S. Yoder
CEO, Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Prof. Dr. Dolores Schendel, CEO/CSO, Medigene AG


Dr. Sebastian Meier-Ewert, CEO, iOmx Therapeutics AG, Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle, Managing Director, MPM Capital, Dr. Elmar Maier, CBO, iOmx Therapeutics AG (v.l.n.r.)

The second speaker, Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle, presented a new way to invest in anticancer drugs and explained the concept of Cullinan Oncology. Founded in 2017 together with Owen Hughes and Ansbert Gadicke, the company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and currently has 10 employees. Investors include the UBS Oncology Impact Fund, which is managed by MPM Capital, and F2 Ventures. “Cullinan Oncology received a $150 million Series A investment, which will fund five to eight new companies developing new anticancer drugs under its cloak”, said Baeuerle.
Stephen Yoder, located at the IZB in Weihenstephan and Boston, discussed the Pieris Anticalin® drug discovery and development platform and the challenges and opportunities in building a sustainable innovative biotech company in Germany and beyond. “Pieris uses its unique technology to develop oncology and respiratory treatments”, said Yoder. “It will be exciting for Pieris in the second half of the year, as we intend to release data for three of our clinical programs”, Yoder explained at the end of his presentation.

“The Biotech Press Lounge has established itself as a regular and important meeting place for all companies, investors and intermediaries around the life sciences branch. Three top speakers from Germany and abroad, many interesting networking contacts and, last but not least, the great view from the Facutly Club G2B let the event become a highlight every time. I always like to come back! ”

Mathias Renz
Publishing Director, Venture Capital Magazin


Jochen Niehaus, Editor in chief, FOCUS Gesundheit


Matthias Renz, Publishing Director, Venture Capital Magazin

“The IZB team ran an excellent event which catalysed several exciting meetings between investors, innovators and biotechs from the high quality Munich cluster. It is always a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful initiative.”

Tim Luker Ph.D.
Senior Director Emerging Technology & Innovation, Eli Lilly