Participation in research projects on the ISS platform

ESA Business in Space Growth Network launches market stimulation program

ESA has launched a new program in which start-ups, companies, and research institutions can participate. The first Societas Cooperativa Europaea (SCE) dedicated to space – named Space Cooperative Europe SCE – is currently developing such network and is aiming for a project fund of at least 5M€ to support new R&D and manufacturing projects using the unique phenomena of LEO including microgravity, the extreme conditions of space and the vantage point to solve big problems on Earth including sustainable agriculture and food and pandemic vaccine and therapies.

Anyone who would like to participate in this network can register without any obligation until 22 January 2021 on the following website: through the “Get in touch” button and then select as Area of Interest “Low Earth Orbit (LEO) e.g. microgravity”.

ESA Business in Space Growth Network (“BSGN”) intends to select a partner or consortium as “Managing Partner” for the development and implementation of the first Market Stimulation Programme (“MSP”). The Space Cooperative Europe SCE (“SCE”), based in Ottobrunn, Germany, and its members are applying as Managing Partner to create a substantiated new space ecosystem that will benefit service providers, engineering and integration support companies, analysis organizations, academics and cooperative members in general. This will lead to space-based project portfolios that benefit terrestrial markets and industries.

The Managing Partner is responsible for identifying product partners with expertise and experience in the many different areas of support, as well as organizing investment in these projects, including through third-party sponsorship. The SCE will support these projects as Managing Partner by proposing consortia, providing a state-of-the-art software platform for data exchange and helping to provide funding for the respective projects through a program fund.

New network partners are welcome to bring new business opportunities to life and drive the creation of a new and sustainable LEO marketplace.

Kontakt: Markus Häuser