100 portraits of people at the Clinic of the LMU

Prof. Dr. Karl-Walter Jauch, Medical Director in Grosshadern, initiated a book with impressive life stories

Elke Reichart and Andreas Steeger

Elke Reichart and Andreas Steeger


The journalist Elke Reichart conducted 100 interviews for the book. Andreas Steeger provided the visual material.

The clinic photographer Andreas Steeger took 200 portraits of 100 employees of Grosshadern and the city center—one in job routine, one in private life. From the dean to the curtain hanger, from doctors, laboratory technicians, nurses and physiotherapists. In addition, 100 interviews of the journalist Elke Reichart: What was the very first career wish? How did you come to the clinic? What role do hobbies play in your life? 100 personalities—100 fascinating life stories.

According to Prof. Jauch in his editorial, the expectations of the Medical Director were far exceeded: “How high identification and job satisfaction can be, how well integration and cooperation work! There is nothing to fear in the future.” And Prof. Dr. Bernd Huber, President of the LMU adds his praise: “We have succeeded in giving this huge apparatus of the clinic a personal face. I was impressed by the solidarity among the colleagues, as well as by the pride in being able to work at the Clinic of the LMU.”

The ­416-page book (25 euro) is available at the Clinic of the LMU, Medical Direction, Marchioninistraße 15, 81377 Munich, E-Mail: ed.nehcneum-inu.dem@dea.