KLIFO brings midsommar to the IZB

On 15 June 2023, the IZB start-ups celebrated a Scandinavian-Bavarian feast

Dr. Markus Lechner, Dr. William Menzer, Daniela Reichhardt, Dr. Adrian Schomburg (v.l.n.r.)

Celebrating with our friends from Eisbach Bio – Dr. Markus Lechner, Dr. William Menzer, Daniela Reichhardt, Dr. Adrian Schomburg (v.l.n.r.)

„Unser Team entwickelt mit großer Leidenschaft hochinnovative Therapeutika für Haustiere, um die Lebensqualität unserer vierbeinigen Gefährten und ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer deutlich zu verbessern. Wir freuen uns, heute mit einem so erfahrenen Partner bei der Entwicklung von therapeutischen Antikörpern für Haustiere zusammenzuarbeiten, um die Innovation in der Tiergesundheit weiter voranzutreiben.“

Dr. Kathrin Ladetzki-Baehs
Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin, adivoG

What is your area of expertise?
KLIFO offers end to end solutions across all drug development areas, including strategic project management, regulatory affairs, clinical development, clinical trial supply, quality assurance (QA), Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) development, non-clinical development and pharmacovigilance. We provide strategic advice as well as operational support in all these areas, and we partner with biotech and pharmaceutical clients on portfolio strategies, project development strategies and project execution.

How did you come up with the occasion “Midsommar”?
As a global company with headquarters in Copenhagen (DK) and locations in Munich (DE), Lund (SE) and Eindhoven (NL), we live a corporate culture that is very much characterized by international cooperation, both within the company and externally. This is what drove us to combine elements of the individual cultures and bring the Scandinavian Midsommar to Munich. Bavarian snacks and beer meet Danish and Swedish tradition with music.

What gave you the idea to celebrate the Midsommar festival on the IZB grounds?
We are eager to get to know and connect with other startups and the people working there to build relationships with them. On the one hand, trustful partnerships help to efficiently advance joint projects. On the other hand, we simply enjoy the exchange with our fellow IZB residents.

What were your highlights of the event?
We are happy that so many guests came and that we could get to know each other (better). In addition to just hanging out, enjoying food and drinks, watching the children playing in the fountain, we also played a round of “Kubb”, which is better known in Germany as “Viking chess”. It was a great time.

What do you wish for the future?
Joint events are only possible when there is mutual interest. It was nice that so many lovely people joined us. After our Glühwein event in the 2022 Christmas season, the Midsommar party was our second IZB event. It would be nice if this develops into a new tradition so we can continue to spend more social time with many like-minded people.

We would like to thank the IZB for this opportunity and promotion of the event, as well as Eisbach Bio for their support in the preparations.

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Dr. Anthony Harris, Director Business Development Germany
Sophie Markert, Junior Marketing Manager