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Jens Klein, CEO

About Origin.Bio

Origin.bio is a biology-powered company enabling businesses to make superior products with nature. It combines bioscience and technology to grow matter for new and better products. The company is committed to driving the regenerative revolution to manufacture at scale in collaboration with nature.

With its precision fermentation technology the company uses different chassis to grow customized ingredients that fit specific needs. Various microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria serve as biological factories. Origin.Bio taps into the ancient technology that brought us beer and cheese to make superior products for everyday use. Currently the company is focused on lipids, fibers, flavors, and fragrances; however, they are always actively scouting and onboarding promising technology to solve the socioecological challenges of sustainable sourcing.

Founded in 2021 by Jens Klein, the Origin.Bio team brings a wealth of experience from worldwide leading academic institutions, management consultancies and from companies including AMSilk, Clariant, Evonik, Fresenius, Syngenta, Modern Meadow, Biosyntia among others and is bridging the gap between leading R&D-focused organisations and brands/OEMS to scale climate focused innovation

What is your motivation?

Brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are generally poorly integrated into value chains. We believe in collaboration and drive innovation based on the properties of the chemicals required by customers and demanded by conscious citizens. This also means we have a flexible approach to technology development, investing in scouting for in-house but also licensing technologies. There has been no shortage of climate-focused innovation in labs and startups across the globe, but the science has been very difficult to scale. Origin.Bio is changing this by bridging the gap between R&D-focused organisations and brands/OEMs to bring products to market. Through our own integrated medium and large scale facilities, we create proper conditions for different volumes of production. We are able to evaluate the socioecological impact along the lifecycle and value chain in comparison to traditional extractive economies. We produce locally, avoiding global value chain disruption, independently of seasonality or geopolitical conflicts and guaranteeing predictability for sourcing.

“The IZB provides the perfect setup for us to hit the ground running and quickly scale our lab operations. We are excited to be around so many other interesting biotech players and believe it’s an attractive location to attract additional talent from around the world to join us.”

Jens Klein, CEO