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  • Technologie

Technology: this is what we offer the IZB companies

  • Modern central heating adjusted to outside temperatures and lowered at night
  • Filtered ventilation and air conditioning of laboratory rooms with heat recovery circulation systems
  • Pressurized gas supply up to 10 bar
  • Preparation of purified water with double osmosis and  UV sterilization (only in Martinsried)
  • Disposal of laboratory wastewater through a neutralization facility (only in Martinsried)
  • Emergency power supply
  • Central utility rooms for gas cylinders and solvents
  • Central data network using fiber optic technologies
  • Cold rooms
  • Dry ice at cost price
  • Free crushed ice
  • Nitrogen at cost price supplied in-house
  • S1 experimental greenhouses (only in Weihenstephan)
  • 1 gigabyte flat-rate Internet access
  • Open ceiling installations in laboratories for easy subsequent  installation of media
  • Every laboratory with its own supply bay