Innovation and Start-up Center Biotechnology (IZB) welcomes LEON

The pharmatech company has developed a proprietary technology that increases the efficiency of the formulation process of active ingredients into nanodrug carriers.

Dr. Setu Kasera, Head of Science and Engineering, verantwortet die neuen Laborräume von LEON

Dr. Setu Kasera, Head of Science and Engineering, is taking the lead on LEON’s new lab

Martinsried near Munich, 27 April 2023 – The Innovation and Start-up Center for Biotechnology (IZB), one of the leading biotechnology centers in Europe, and home to almost 50 biotech start-ups, today announced that the pharmatec company leon-nanodrugs GmbH (“LEON”) has moved into the IZB. LEON is a disrupting enabler of nanotechnology for the pharmaceutical industry. The new R&D capacities at the IZB set the stage for completion of product development for LEON’s manufacturing devices and will afterwards be used to showcase the devices and provide process development services to clients using LEON’s equipment.

LEON’s product platform is built on their proprietary innovative FR-JET Technology that enables a huge efficiency increase in the formulation process of active ingredients into nanodrug carriers such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). LEON’s devices, NANOme and NANOus, are designed for aseptic process GMP-compliance and quick scale-up. NANOme is optimized for small-scale individual patient and clinical trial-size production. NANOus is a fully-automated, aseptic device enabling the LNP-encapsulation of APIs from medium- to large-scale with high throughput using process analytical technology (PAT).

Dr. Setu Kasera, Head of Science and Engineering commented: “We are truly excited about moving into the IZB. As one of the key biotech hubs in Germany, the IZB provides not only lab facilities, but also an unparalleled environment to foster innovation and growth. The local proximity to biotech start-ups, academia, VCs and big pharma creates an ecosystem that facilitates networking in- and outside of your peer group, setting the stage for future cooperations and partnerships. We are looking forward to using our new capacities to complete the development of our devices for the market, while we pursue and build on opportunities for collaborations by providing access to our devices and process development services.”

“We welcome LEON to our vibrant biotech center. At IZB, we strive to support companies that bring new technologies and approaches to the biotech industry, and I am confident the resources and network available at the campus will support LEON in their late-stage product development,” added Dr Peter Hanns Zobel, Managing Director IZB.

About leon-nanodrugs
leon-nanodrugs GmbH (“LEON”) is a pharmatech company specializing in the development and marketing of devices built on its innovative FR-JET technology for the encapsulation of genetic material and other active substances into nanodrug carriers, such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). The Munich-based private company was initially focused on solving small molecules bioavailability challenges. It has since 2020, refocused its efforts to enable pharma companies, small biotech as well as CDMOs, to optimize nanomedicine manufacturing and take full advantage of the significant progress in advanced therapies

LEON’s GMP-compliant, aseptic devices NANOme and NANOus enable an efficiency increase in the production of nano drug carriers and are suitable for both clinical scale and commercial production. In addition to its own equipment platform, LEON will offer in-house laboratory capacity for process development at the IZB.

For further information, please visit and follow LEON on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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