The “Unikum” emerging in the middle of Martinsried


Within sight of the IZB, the Planegg district town of Martinsried is currently changing its appearance: the new town center around Frauenhofer, Lochhamer and Röntgen street now has modern multi-storey buildings, a new traffic routing system, and lots of greenery. By the end of summer, the first inhabitants will be able to move into the 280 student flats and 24 rentable apartments. There will be five to six shop units on the ground floor, and tenants have already been found: a hairdresser, a delicatessen and greengrocer, a shop for hearing aids, a lingerie and underwear store, and probably a bicycle shop. According to data from Bärbel Zeller, the economic officer of the community, a pharmacy and a café will appear in the medical center located to the west – the popular “Café Vorort” from Neuried will move in here. The green space that is the new town square invites you to linger, with benches, a chess set and table tennis tables. The big apartment building already has a name: it is called “Unikum”. From the middle of April a fountain will be built to embellish the green area. The trees left standing here will be integrated in the new park. Everything should be ready by the end of summer. Martinsried will then have a new look.