A Swiss Army knife Nanobody for Life Science Research.


Spot-Nanobody structure with captured Spot-Tag. Binding occurs when the Spot-Tag peptide is embedded on the surface of the Spot-Nanobody and clamped.

ChromoTek introduces “Spot”, the first peptide-tag that is specifically bound by an alpaca-derived Nanobody for both efficient capture and sensitive detection of tagged proteins. The Spot-Nanobody is a new tool for multiple applications in functional protein biology. Proteins of interest can be genetically fused with the short, 12 amino acid Spot-Tag. Using Spot-Trap®, the fusion protein can be purified in a single step or can be detected in high-resolution imaging using Spot-Label®. The Spot-Tag system combines the unique advantages of Nanobodies such as small size, extremely high affinity and stability with the researchers’ demand for a small and inert peptide-tag for universal applications. “Spot is exceptional: When using Spot, you can both image a low-expression fusion protein and purify that protein from the same cells”, states Klaus Herick, VP Marketing & Sales at ChromoTek. “Our customers already know that kind of bridge between cell biology and biochemistry: They use our products like GFP-Trap® for fluorescent proteins. Now, using Spot, they can expand that concept using a small peptide-tag”, adds Marion Jung, CEO of ChromoTek. “We are particularly proud of the new product line as high-affinity binding of Nanobodies to peptides has proved elusive so far!”


Dr. Marion Jung, CEO, ChromoTek GmbH